About the blog ‘Language Matters!’

The blog ‘Language matters! – Exciting insights into the realm of Applied Linguistics’ features a variety of topics from the area of Applied Linguistics, e.g. foreign language teaching and learning, forensic linguistics, language in the workplace, clinical linguistics, or language and the media. Our primary target readers are high school pupils aged 15-18 (learners of English). The authors are students, staff, alumni and friends of the MA study programme “Applied Linguistics” at Bonn University.

Alongside the content-related posts, we share our experiences with integrating blog writing into our linguistics courses. These posts appear in the category “TeacherTalk”. We also invite secondary school teachers who already have integrated, or plan to do so, linguistics-related topics into their classwork to report on their teaching concepts and experiences.

The authors are free to choose a specific format for the blog posts: this may be a general introduction to the subject area, an interview with a linguist about their job, a book review, a summary of a research paper, a presentation of a data collection instrument, a description of an experiment, a report on a teaching project or strategy…

For our MA students the LaMa blog is an excellent opportunity to explore in depth their object of study as well as potential future career possibilities. They also acquire the digital writing and communication skills necessary to translate academic texts into texts understandable by young, non-academic readers.

Are you curious about Applied Linguistics? Then get in touch with us: Leave a comment, ask questions or make a suggestion for further topics that you think we should cover!

Enjoy reading!

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