Precision landing: LaMa-Blog officially launched!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017, 10.30am, conference room in Walter-Flex-Straße 3, Bonn: The pupils from our partner school Gymnasium zum Altenforst (GAT) have arrived with their teacher Mr. Brede, Prof. K. P. Schneider is there, and so is my colleague Pawel Sickinger. The MA students have set up their laptops, ready to present their blog posts and to finally meet their test readers. I’m ready, too.

Our concern that the pupils might be very shy, lingering in a corner until someone talks to them, proves to be unfounded. On the contrary: They immediately approach the students whose post they had reviewed in January, then move from one laptop station to the next, eager not to miss anything. The room is filled with lively chat, only interrupted by occasional cries of ‘oh, so cute!’ or ‘I want one of these!’ when someone spots our little Lama mascot (I keep my promises!): Before heading for a joint lunch in the canteen next door, we ask the pupils to jot down some comments about their blog experience:

The day before I had received Bonn University’s e-teaching certificate after presenting my teaching project along with ten other staff members who were awarded their general higher education teaching certificates. Here you can view and, by clicking on the image, download my poster (in German):

At this point I would like say a big thank you to…

  • …my colleagues in the writing community, in particular Prof. Helen Knauf from the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda and Dr. Daniel Spielmann from the Writing Centre of the University of Frankfurt a.M., who advised me how to set up a blog and how to integrate it into a content course.
  • …my BAEL-colleague Pawel Sickinger
  • …Bonn University’s eCampus team
  • …the GAT pupils and Mr. Brede, and – last but not least –
  • …the students from my course “Applied Linguistics: An Overview”!

Without your support the project would have never materialised! It’s been a great learning experience for everyone involved.

MA student group with Prof. Schneider, P. Sickinger and S. Pohle

Last week’s presentations do not mark the end of the blog project, rather, these were kick-off events because we want to keep the blog going in the future. We cordially invite other MA students of Applied Linguistics from Bonn University and expert linguists to contribute to it. We also invite school teachers who already have – in one way or another – integrated linguistics into their lessons to share their experiences. If you would like to make your students familiar with linguistic topics but are unsure how to do this, let us know – we have plenty of ideas!

Now we count on you, dear readers, to subscribe to our blog (there is an RSS button at the top of the left side bar), to read the posts, and – very important! – to comment on them. Tell the authors what you think, what you liked in particular, if you still have open questions, what else you would like to know about a specific topic. We’d love to see ongoing discussions with the authors!


Picture credits:
All pictures by BAEL staff. The Rss icon by Maciej Aniśko, licenced under CC BY 3.0.


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